Close Content Editing
Reads Well offers a range of services to improve the clarity and impact of your work.

improving overall structure and organisation

For those manuscripts that need a bit more than Basic Editing, Reads Well offers Close Content Editing (also known as Substantive or Developmental Editing).  Besides correcting spelling, grammar and typographical errors, problems with word choice and the structure of individual sentences, Close Content Editing identifies problems with the structure, style, clarity and coherence of the document itself, and offers detailed suggestions for correction, revision and improvement.   By identifying potential problems and recurring patterns of error early in the writing process, Close Content Editing provides writers with a solid foundation for further revision.

Close Content Editing is most appropriate for first and mid-stage drafts, and can particularly benefit non-native English speakers and international students still adjusting to the academic culture of their host institution.  The extensive, detailed feedback provided as part of this service helps build the skills you need to improve your writing, now and in future.

Not sure if you need more than a Basic Edit? Click here to see the difference between Basic Editing and Close Content Editing.

For those in need of support from the outset of a writing project, Reads Well’s Project Development service is the best choice.  Click here for a recent Project Development Case Study.

Reads Well also offers a Word Processing service for those working with audiotapes, handwritten or hard-to-read materials.  Click on the link or contact Reads Well for more details.