Mission & Vision Statements

Your reason for being should be clear and compelling.

Whether you run a business or a community project, your Mission and Vision Statements can be powerful instruments through which to convey the philosophy that guides and underpins your work.  Reads Well can help you realise their full potential by ensuring both statements are clear, compelling, correct — and distinct.

Mission and Vision Statements are not interchangeable.

MISSION STATEMENTS define the purpose of your organisation, its overall aims and its reason for being.  In other words, a Mission Statement describes who you are and what you do.

VISION STATEMENTS, by contrast, provide a focus or target for your activities.  They describe the impact your business or organisation wants to have on its clients, customers, community or the world.

Both statements should be succinct and inspiring.  They should make readers want to come work for or with you, make a donation or buy what you sell.

Many Mission & Vision Statements fall short of their full potential.  If yours are among them, then your organisation is missing an opportunity to impress.  Contact Reads Well for a FREE consultation about how to make the most of your materials.