Basic Editing
improving your pose while preserving your style

improving word choice and sentence structure

Like Proofreading, Basic Editing (also known as Copy Editing) corrects grammar, spelling, formatting and other simple errors.  But it also identifies and corrects problems with word choice and sentence structure, improving these elements while preserving your document’s original style.

Basic Editing is most appropriate for near-final drafts.  For best results from this service, you should be satisfied that your document is as complete as it can be in terms of its content, style and overall structure.  In other words, before you submit a document for Basic Editing, you should feel confident that it is well-organised and says all that you want it to say in a style appropriate for its intended audience.

Most readers grow impatient with writing whose meaning is unclear or confusing.  By correcting problems with word choice and sentence structure, Basic Editing can help ensure that your work is clear, concise and easy to read.  Whether you’re writing a thesis or dissertation, website content or a grant application, submitting your documents for Basic Editing before submission helps to ensure that your work will be judged on its own merits, and not on the reader’s experience.

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For those manuscripts that need a bit more than Basic Editing, Reads Well offers Close Content Editing.  Not sure which service to choose?  Click on the link to see the difference between Basic Editing and Close Content Editing.

Reads Well also offers a Word Processing service for those working with typewritten, handwritten or hard-to-read materials.  Click on the link or contact Reads Well for more details.