Business & Community
Not a student? We can still help.

Reads Well’s services aren’t just for students.

You’d be amazed how much writing non-students do.  Whether you run your own business, work in the community or volunteer, Reads Well can help you produce or improve your organisation’s written work:

Marketing & Publicity: strengthen the impact of advertisements, flyers and other promotional materials.

Website Content: make your website clearer, more professional and easier to read.

Mission & Vision Statements: state the purpose and spirit of your organisation in a way that will motivate and inspire others.

Grant Applications & Progress Reports: secure the resources you need to expand your business, develop new products, or deliver your programmes and services.

Note-Taking Support at Meetings and Workshops: give meetings and workshops your full attention and still have clear, comprehensive, reliable notes to share with your colleagues.

Note-Taking Support at Court, Tribunals & Appeals: representing yourself need not mean you’re on your own.  Rely on Reads Well for a clear, comprehensive, impartial summary of court proceedings.

Note-Taking Support for Medical Appointments: take Reads Well with you to help ensure you get the information you need to manage your care.

Consultation Responses:  influence government policy and practice by ensuring the views of your group or community are clearly expressed, complete, persuasive and well-presented.

Newsletters & Bulletins:  inform supporters, investors, clients and stakeholders about your projects, services and achievements.

Coursework & Accreditation: ensure that you and your team get the qualifications they need to take your organisation to the next level.

History, Memory and Group Writing Projects: preserve the rich experience of your group or service users and raise awareness of the work you do.