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First, decide what you want to do:

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  • Not sure which service is best for you?  Click on the link above for an explanation of:
  • the difference between Proofreading and Basic Editing;
  • the difference between Basic Editing and Close Content Editing;
  • what Project Mentoring involves.

Upload A Document

Documents for Proofreading, Basic Editing and Close Content Editing and copy to be retyped or word processed can be uploaded and sent to Reads Well at any time.  If we have any questions, we’ll contact you.  If not, we’ll complete the work you’ve requested and return a clean, corrected edition of your document to you within the timeframe you specify.

Clients interested in Project Development and Reads Well’s other customised support services should contact us by phone or email to arrange a face-to-face meeting — at NO COST and with NO OBLIGATION — to discuss their needs.

Request a FREE Sample Edit

Prefer to try before you buy? Reads Well is happy to provide FREE sample edits of any document up to 250 words.

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We’ve found that the best way to determine exactly what you need from us and how long we’ll need to deliver a service with which you are fully satisfied is to meet with you face-to-face, at a time and location that’s convenient for you.  Contact us now to schedule an appointment, at NO COST and with NO OBLIGATION.

See Rates & Payment Details

Readss Well accepts both UK Pounds Sterling and US Dollars, in cash or by bank transfer.  Payments by Pay Pal can be accepted for an additional 2% fee.  Click on the link above for full details of the cost of our services.