Project Development
Start-to-finish, personalised support for struggling writers.

clear, constructive feedback and individual support

For those in need of support from the outset of a writing project, Reads Well’s PROJECT DEVELOPMENT service is the best choice.  Project Development provides clear, constructive feedback and specific direction for further improvement at each stage in the writing process, as well as guidance and encouragement to ensure you complete the assignment, in full and on time.

For a whole range of reasons, putting ideas into writing is more of a challenge for some than for others.  Some people can toss off an essay in a couple of hours; others would rather speak in public than sit down to write.  Project Development is ideal for those who have difficulty ‘getting started’ or who otherwise struggle with written work.

Project Mentors provide on-going, one-to-one, customised support throughout the life of the assignment.  They can help you generate and develop your initial ideas, produce a rough draft and subsequent revisions, and prepare your documents for assessment, presentation, publication or print.

Reads Well’s Mentors specialise in support for non-native English speakers, those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and anyone else who knows what they want to say but has difficulty expressing themselves in writing .

If you think Project Development could help you, contact Reads Well to schedule an initial meeting, at NO CHARGE and with NO OBLIGATION, to discuss your project and specific support needs.