Grant Applications & Reports

Secure and protect the resources you need to expand your business, develop new products, or deliver projects in your community. 

The amount of paperwork funders require can be overwhelming, and deadlines can creep up on you suddenly even when you and your staff are experienced and well-resourced. Reads Well can help relieve the pressure by working with you to strengthen your grant applications and annual reports, prepare for funding reviews, produce project outcome and impact statements, and convey your strategic plans most effectively. 

Once your funding is secure, Reads Well also can help you develop campaign literature, Mission & Vision Statements, and any other written material you need to raise the profile of your organisation and promote its services and activities.

Our editors have personal experience applying — successfully — for both government grants and private sector funding.  Contact us, at no cost and with no obligation, to discuss your requirements.

Please note: Fees for services to community groups with limited resources can be negotiated. If our services interest you, give us a ring; we may be able to work with you, even if your budget’s tight.