Note-Taking Support at Court & Tribunals
personal assistance at an affordable price

Going to court can be stressful, particularly when you’re representing yourself.

Even the most capable speakers may struggle to understand the finer points of law, the standards of evidence and the complexities of courtroom procedure. Nevertheless, thousands of people choose to represent themselves every year, and with the budget for Legal Aid set to reduce, the number of litigants in person is expected to grow.

Representing yourself does not have to mean you’re on your own, however.  Whether you’re appearing before Magistrates, in Crown or civil court, at the High Court or in an Appeal, Reads Well can help you make sense of unfamiliar terms and prepare for the next stage in the process by providing a clear, comprehensive summary of the proceedings.

Reads Well’s Note Takers can:

come with you to court;
take detailed notes on the arguments and evidence presented, motions made and decisions reached;
sit beside you and direct you to your own notes and evidence;
debrief with you afterwards to compare notes and clarify issues.

Before and between appearances, Reads Well can:

review your documents and other materials;
help you distinguish between facts and allegations;
draw your attention to issues to raise with a legal advisor or on which to seek other professional advice.

Whenever you need assistance, Reads Well can:

provide moral support and encouragement;
keep you focused on your case and what you want to say;
help you keep control of your emotions and stick to the facts.

Reads Well Note Takers also are available to attend Employment, Benefit and other Tribunals, Appeals, Inquests and Inquiries.  Notes will be taken by hand, typed up subsequently and sent to you within 48 hours – or sooner, if needs be.  Contact Reads Well for full details, and to discuss your requirements.

THIS SERVICE IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.   Any handwritten notes will be returned to you with the final document, and nothing discussed at any stage in the process will be shared with anyone without your consent.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some proceedings may preclude attendance by those not directly involved in the case.  Clients are advised always to seek permission from the appropriate authority before engaging Reads Well’s services.