Procrastination, Chronic Blockage and Other Common Ailments
A plan of action for those who put things off.

The best writers know when an idea just isn’t working; they know when to abandon a project that isn’t worth pursuing.  But sometimes writers need a push to complete a project that started well but has lost momentum.  Deadlines can be a powerful incentive, particularly when the cost of missing them is high.  Without a deadline, however, even projects with great potential can run aground.

The Reads Well Bit-At-A-Time Plan supplies inducement without pressure.  Click on the link to read work-in-progress by self-proclaimed procrastinators who are trying to break the habit of putting things off by completing their projects, one bit at a time.

Do you have an unfinished writing project you’d like to complete? Why not try Reads Well’s Bit-At-A-Time Plan yourself?  Use the form below to cut and paste excerpts from your manuscript (subject to approval, 1000 words maximum) to share with Reads Well editors, clients and other visitors to this website.

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