GCSE & A Level Support

Are you one of those people who revise endlessly but still don’t get the grades they need? If so, bad writing habits could be to blame.

Reads Well’s PRACTICE EXAM REVIEW service helps you identify those habits, and replace them with good writing practices.  Bring us your past papers and practice exams, and we’ll give you clear, specific direction for improving the structure, organisation and expression of any argument you wish to make – valuable skills that you can take with you to university, the job market, and wherever else you choose to go once you leave school.

Having reviewed the materials you provide, Reads Well will arrange a one-on-one feedback and guidance session focused on (for example):

* recurring patterns of weakness and error that can prevent you from achieving the results you need;

* how to select and organise evidence to ensure your arguments are clear and convincing;

* how to incorporate others’ ideas without plagiarising; and

* how to match your writing style to the requirements of the assignment and the expectations of your target audience.

If you think you might benefit from this service, contact Reads Well to schedule an initial meeting, at NO CHARGE and with NO OBLIGATION, to discuss your study development needs.

Please note: clients aged 17 or younger must provide written parental approval (or equivalent) before receipt of any Reads Well service.  Reads Well recommends that a parent or other responsible adult attend when such clients first meet with our editors, and welcomes their subsequent participation should parents wish to remain involved.