Terms & Conditions


1.1               The Client agrees to engage the services of Reads Well on an hourly and/or per word basis as specified, and to pay Reads Well in accordance with the terms of set out below.

1.2               If, on receipt from the Client of those documents or other materials required for completion of the service requested, it becomes apparent that significantly more work is required than was originally indicated by the Client, Reads Well may seek to renegotiate the fee and/or the completion date.

1.3               If the Client fails to provide documents or other materials required for delivery of the service as agreed, Reads Well may renegotiate the fee and/or completion date, and/or charge an additional fee for the delay.

1.4               If the project is to be completed in stages, or requires more than 28 days to complete, or exceeds 20K words in length, Reads Well may deliver interim invoices for completed work.

1.5               If, prior to completion of the service agreed, the Client requests additional work or services, Reads Well may renegotiate the fee and/or the completion date.

1.6               All completed work will be delivered on or before the date or dates agreed for completion, unless agreed otherwise, and subject to the limitations outlined above and below.

1.7               Requests for service requiring completion within 2 calendar days will incur an additional 15% charge.

1.8               Requests for service requiring next-day completion will incur an additional 30% charge.

1.9               Unless otherwise agreed at the outset, payment in full of all fees and expenses (defined as costs incurred by Reads Well as a direct result of the providing the service requested, including but not limited to bank charges, postage fees and materials purchased for the Client’s benefit alone) will be made to Reads Well by bank-to-bank (BACS) or global money transfer upon receipt of invoice. In response to guidance from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) issued in 2018  in relation to the Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations 2012, we DO NOT accept payments by PayPal. Payment by cheque will NOT be accepted without explicit, prior agreement from Reads Well. Payments NOT received within 14 days will incur an immediate, additional 10% charge.


2.1         Payment equivalent to 1 hour of service (2 hours for Note Taking) will be required upon cancellation of appointments for GCSE/A-Level tutoring, undergraduate/postgraduate tutorials, Project Development meetings and other face-to-face services when the cancellation is received less than 24 hours from the start of the appointment.

2.2          In the absence of prior notification, delays of more than 20 minutes from the agreed start of an appointment for Note Taking, Tutoring, and other face-to-face services will incur a fee equivalent to 1 HOUR of service (pro rata).

2.3          In the absence of prior notification, delays in the delivery of documents or other materials required for the completion of the services agreed may incur an additional charge.

2.4          Cancellations of booked services with an estimated cost of £100 or more will be subject to a cancellation fee of 10% of the estimated cost. An invoice for any services rendered prior to cancellation, including initial Project Development meetings, will be issued in addition to the cancellation fee.

2.5          Reads Well undertakes to notify the Client at the earliest possible opportunity if, due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, conflict of interest or for any other reason, it is unable to provide a service or complete a project as discussed or as agreed. In giving such notice, Reads Well shall relinquish any right to (a) remuneration for any uncompleted portion of the assignment and (b) the reimbursement of any expenses, other than those already and irrecoverably incurred.

3.            CONFIDENTIALLY

3.1          The nature and the content of the work will be kept confidential.  Nothing received from, produced for or discussed with the Client will be shared with anyone outside of Reads Well without the Client’s consent.

3.2          Upon completion of the service or services agreed, Reads Well will, upon the Client’s written request to do so and following settlement in full of any and all fees, return any and all material related to the work completed on behalf of the Client.

3.3          Should Reads Well sub-contract work on behalf of the Client to anyone else, this work will be completed to the same standard, according to the same schedule, for the same price and under the same conditions of confidentiality as outlined above.

3.4          Reads Well is GDPR compliant. Personal details retained upon completion of service include the Client’s name and last known address and telephone number, billing and payment history and record of services received. The purpose in so doing is to inform and facilitate the delivery of future services to returning clients. Reads Well does NOT collect and therefore does NOT retain clients’ bank account details. Reads Well does NOT share any personal information on any client with any third party and will delete any or all of these details from our records at the Client’s request.

4.            MISCELLANEOUS

4.1         The Client confirms and guarantees that all materials presented for servicing by Reads Well are entirely his/her  own work. The Client undertakes to indemnify Reads Well against all claims, liabilities, demands, actions, costs or damages in the event that the work proves to be copied, plagiarized or not entirely his/her own.

4.2          Reads Well makes no guarantees with regard to the grade, score, mark or any other assessment, evaluation, result or other outcome of any work produced by or for the Client, including essays, theses, dissertations, papers submitted for publication, applications for admission, employment, funding or any other work.

5.            NOTICES

5.1          All notices for the commencement, postponement, cancellation or termination of services agreed between Reads Well and the Client shall be in writing and unless otherwise agreed shall be sent by first-class, prepaid post to the Client and/or to Reads Well at the addresses supplied in this Agreement.  Notice shall be deemed to be received within two days of it being sent.  Alternatively, notice may be served by personal delivery by hand to the recipient.

6.            VALUE ADDED TAX

6.1          All sums payable for services rendered are exclusive of value added tax (VAT) that may be payable by either party.  VAT shall not be payable unless a VAT invoice is sent to Reads Well which provides details of the Client’s registered VAT number.

7.            FORCE MAJEURE

7.1          Neither party shall be responsible to the other party when the obligations under this Agreement cannot be performed due to circumstances outside the reasonable control of the defaulting party.


8.1          Should a Client decide for any reason to terminate this Agreement at any point after work on the project has begun, Reads Well, in addition to fair remuneration for any and all work completed by Reads Well prior to the Client’s decision, may charge a fee equivalent to 25% of the price agreed.

8.2          In addition to any rights or remedies at law, if either party commits a material breach of the formal agreement reached between , that agreement may be terminated by either party giving written notice, subject always to Reads Well’s right to be fairly remunerated for such work as may have been completed for the Client prior to the serving of such notice.

8.3          The Client shall have the right but not the obligation to terminate his/her agreement with Reads Well in the event that Reads Well becomes bankrupt, insolvent, enters into an arrangement with its creditors, or if a receiver or receiver/administrator is appointed over the business of Reads Well.

8.4          Upon termination of an agreement for any reason, Reads Well will return or destroy any and all materials related to work on behalf of the Client, upon the Client’s written request to do so and following settlement in full of any and all fees.

9.            GOVERNING LAW

9.1          Agreements between clients and Reads Well shall be subject to the Laws of Northern Ireland and any dispute concerning it or its interpretation shall be adjudicated in that jurisdiction.