What Not To Write
Real World Errors and Impenetrable Passages

Evidence of poor writing is all around us.

Follow the link to view the latest examples spotted by Reads Well editors, or upload an egregious example of your own.

That said…

Bad writing may be abundant, but good writing does abound.  Follow the link to see examples of words worth reading, or upload a recommendation of your own.

On the other hand…

It happens all the time — we are unimpressed by books or films our friends adore.  Follow the link to read reviews of writing old and new, or upload a review of your own.

How to earn with words that don’t work:

Bad writing is a liability.  It can keep you from getting the grade you need or the job you want; it can cause misunderstandings — and missed opportunities.  However, there is a way to win with words that fail.

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